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NCIDpop 0.9.16 released

NCIDpop is a client for the NCID (Network Caller ID) server. See previous posts for more information on my work with NCIDpop.

New in this version:

  • Optional Growl notification support.
  • Formats phone numbers using Address Book preferences.
  • Skip leading 0s for Address Book lookup (useful outside the US/Canada).
  • Fixed saving of reverse lookup URL when you click the “Set” button (was broken due to this Cocoa misfeature).
  • Made networking code significantly more robust. One side effect: you should see much less log spam when the NCID server is unavailable, because the connection process is now interruptible.

There’s now an active Windows maintainer and with the source code moved all the way from CVS to Mercurial, collboration should be significantly easier in future. The settings trigger is a bit tricky so I do plan on providing an easier alternative in a later version; that said, I’ve also got another 4–5 open source projects clamoring for my attention.

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