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macOS 10.14 Mojave status

macOS 10.14 Mojave was released on September 24.

Status for my apps/command-line tools:

Pester: Version 1.1b24 includes full Mojave support.

Shroud: There is a race condition I am trying to isolate, and some bug fixes that should eventually warrant a release. Dark Mode support is implemented if you build from source.

Hermes: I don’t officially support this app any more due to a lack of time, but nobody else has taken it over either. Aside from the recent connection problems (since fixed) due to Pandora not updating their certificates, there are no known Mojave-related issues. Hermes is going to take the most work to support Dark Mode, because drawers have no Dark Mode appearance. This means the UI needs to be revamped to remove them, probably replacing them with history and station list popovers. Contributions are highly welcomed. I’m happy to share my thoughts about future UI directions if desired.

LaunchBar actions: I recently updated LBOfficeMRU to fix some incompatibilities with Office 16; otherwise, no known issues.

NewsBlur Open in New Tab: Not supported in Safari 12. Its replacement, NewsBlur Helper, is in beta.

launch: Needs some updates for APFS, but otherwise functional.

appswitch: No known issues, but I have an unreleased update which filters XPC services by default. Build from source if you would like.

brightness: Less and less functional given Apple’s auto-brightness doesn’t play well with it, but no new issues in Mojave.

soundsource: No known issues, but it is 32-bit and may break in Mojave’s successor. I have not looked at how hard this would be to fix.