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The Dash: disconnecting from the Dash side

Back in April, I noted “You can't initiate a disconnection or pairing from the right Dash once it's connected.” This is still technically true in the current firmware (1.5.1) — but I just discovered a convenient workaround, at least on iOS. Typically, I find this an issue when the Dash is connected to a device across the room (or inside my bag when I'm on my bike) and I want to pair it with something else closer to me.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Tap and hold on the right Dash until you hear the tone.
  • Wait another second or so until you hear the “Siri is listening” tone.
  • Say “turn off Bluetooth.” The iOS device does just this, severing its connection to your Dash.
  • You can then connect/pair the right Dash to another device.

The Dash firmware 2.0 is now in private beta testing. Unfortunately I didn't respond quickly enough to the call for testers on Facebook to get in the pool. The advertised list of upcoming features is pretty enticing:

  • Enhancements to activity tracking, especially for swimming and cycling
  • Changes to the feedback of metrics during activities; metrics are also logged in the Bragi App
  • Calibration of The Dash sensors to improve accuracy
  • Major enhancement to the speech quality during phone calls
  • Changes to audio playback to improve clarity and quality, as well as significantly boosting the maximum volume level
  • Improvement to the Bluetooth & BLE connectivity with other devices and apps, as well as implementing security during BT pairing and bonding to ensure data privacy
  • Implement more remote data channels with the Bragi app

The Dash is getting a lot of competitors in the cord-free Bluetooth headset market. I hope Bragi is able to keep up and realize more of their vision, while fixing practical issues such as those related to pairing and Bluetooth range.