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Repurposing the 3G iPod dock

Since I got a 2G iPod touch, my 30 GB 3G iPod—now on its third battery and with the hard drive replaced with a 4 GB CF card and adapter—has been sitting forlornly in its dock on the desk next to me.

Tonight, I was removing the iPod and other unused bits of hardware from my desk when I noticed a replacement “10/15 GB” dock cover in the iPod dock’s box. It’s been so long since I bought it, I had completely forgotten the predecessor to today’s Universal Dock adapters. The cover is plastic, held on by four snaps. When removed, it reveals a metal and plastic frame.


The dock that came with the 3G iPod is on the left; the standalone dock is on the right. While the covers are identical save a taped-on “30 GB” label, one looks quite a bit better “naked.”


Having not bought a dock for my iPod touch yet, I tried placing it (in a Griffin Reflect case) in the naked 3G dock, and it fit perfectly side-to-side.


So, while my 3G iPod ambles off into retirement, its docks will see continued use.

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