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Australian “Engrish”

Yesterday’s Engrish was a sign which actually wasn’t Engrish at all. Unlike all the other posts on the site, however, it’s a sign I’ve seen myself—it’s in Mosman, where I’ve visited relatives many times. Small world as usual.

It was a bit weird of the submitter or site maintainers to obscure the office number (not that such things are hard to find on the Web these days) but not the mobile number on the door below, though.

Anyway, sorry for not much posting recently. I’m still very busy writing a paper, and need to prepare my DLS presentation in the coming week.

One comment on “Australian “Engrish””

  1. Mike Hunter
    1 November 2006 | 4:02 PM

    Small world indeed, I’ve been telling people about how funny this “Dr. Fang” image I saw on Engrish is :)

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