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launch 1.1 released

launch 1.1 is out. I started working on it back in March, but after rewriting most of the launching logic only to find out that the feature I was implementing (command-line arguments) didn’t work because of an Apple bug, I got a bit disheartened. Finally, some email prodding from Peter Hosey, the Intel mini I got last week at school (thanks to my advisor), and good old-fashioned burnout after getting back from Portland caused me to finish it up.

Changes in this version:

  • -L: send “launch” (ascr/noop) event to app, bypasses automatic opening of untitled document, etc.
  • -o: pass command-line arguments (still broken)
  • display content type ID (UTI)
  • display architecture of Mach-O files
  • switched to new LSOpen APIs (now requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later)
  • switched to new date formatting APIs (the old ones are deprecated)
  • for compatibility with open, take app path as argument to -a
  • Universal Binary, compatible with Intel Macs

Sample output demonstrating some of the new features:

% launch -f /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib
/usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib: document
        type: ''        creator: ''
        architecture: PowerPC, PowerPC 64-bit, Intel 80x86, Intel x86-64
        kind: Unix Executable File
        content type ID:
        data fork size: 7.62 MB on disk (7983880 bytes used)
        created: 9/29/06 6:50:49 PM
        modified: 9/29/06 6:50:49 PM
        accessed: 10/30/06 5:19:11 AM [only updated by Mac OS X]
        backed up: 12/31/03 7:00:00 PM

Now to crawl back into my hole and attempt to finish this paper…

Australian “Engrish”

Yesterday’s Engrish was a sign which actually wasn’t Engrish at all. Unlike all the other posts on the site, however, it’s a sign I’ve seen myself—it’s in Mosman, where I’ve visited relatives many times. Small world as usual.

It was a bit weird of the submitter or site maintainers to obscure the office number (not that such things are hard to find on the Web these days) but not the mobile number on the door below, though.

Anyway, sorry for not much posting recently. I’m still very busy writing a paper, and need to prepare my DLS presentation in the coming week.