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Most incompatible blog ever

So I saw a link to this weblog on Planet Python, and thought it would be interesting to subscribe. But…

  • Even simple display of blog entries requires JavaScript, so they don’t render in NetNewsWire (where I have JavaScript disabled).
  • Even with JavaScript enabled, entries don’t render in released versions of Safari, and links to old posts are broken in Opera. Everything appears to work fine in Mozilla and WebKit trunk.
  • With browsers that actually load the pages, there’s often an annoying lag between when an empty page shell loads, apparently completely, and when the content deigns to appear. If you try to expand a post, the page inexplicably scrolls to the top for a second, before giving you what you asked for.
  • The RSS feed is titles-only, so I can’t read it that way either.
  • There are no visible permalinks on the site itself: every link just calls some JavaScript function or other.

So in order to find the first entry (which, conveniently, is #15) I had grab it from the RSS feed, or guess. The author is aware of the problems, as shown by a comment on that post. His name and email address, of course, appear nowhere apparent on the blog, but can be obtained through whois or his PyWeek entry (the latter seems to be a reasonably normal Web page).

After all that, the content is actually pretty decent, so I’ll remain subscribed; I’ll just curse loudly every time I have to switch browsers to view an entry. I look forward to version 2.0 implemented entirely in Flash.

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