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This American Life track munger

Since This American Life has switched from streaming in RealAudio to MP3, Jon Udell and Jared Benedict have posted some unofficial podcast feeds. Unlike with my previous RealPlayer-to-Audio Hijack Pro-to-iTunes-as-AAC solution, the MP3 files aren’t bookmarkable on my 3G iPod, but they are certainly a lot more convenient to grab for later listening.

Which reminds me, since other people may find it useful—a few weeks ago, I wrote a script which operates on the selected This American Life MP3 tracks in iTunes, renames them to match my existing scheme, and moves the episode number to the track field (especially useful on older iPods where the episode number takes up half the width of the screen).


Download the script here. Sorry for the image; Script Debugger 3’s HTML export appears to have broken—and since I have primarily switched to appscript, I can’t justify the upgrade to version 4. The string parsing pain above should be enough to send anyone running to Python.

2 comments on “This American Life track munger”

  1. 8 June 2006 | 10:54 PM

    Out of pity I updated and improved my wordpress plugin that does syntax highlighting using the php library geshi and geshi supports both ApplesScript and Objective-C, I haven’t tested it with WordPress 2.0 but my plugin is only about 40 lines of php probably easily fixable if broken.


    See it in action (AppleScript):

  2. 9 June 2006 | 8:44 AM

    Thanks. It’s OK – taking a screenshot wasn’t the end of the world. The problem with AppleScript syntax coloring is that to do it right you need access to the terminology information, which usually isn’t available on the server.

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