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RPN calculator for hiptop OS 2.3

RPN calculator on hiptop OS 2.3

I ported Brian Swetland’s RPN calculator to the new hiptop OS 2.3, and made a few small UI changes. It’s now got a splash screen (of sorts) and an icon stolen from my favorite Mac RPN calculator, Kalk. You can check out the sources from Subversion or grab a tarball.

My overall impressions of hiptop OS 2.3: reminds me of Mac OS 8.5. It’s gaining a lot of useful features: the new text system, Web browser, and J2ME implementation are phenomenal, but the UI is starting to outgrow the device, and flakiness has begun to appear in places. The IM client is a poster child for well-intentioned but poorly-implemented features in this version: the disclosure triangles are just wrong, replacing a perfectly usable older interface, and the odd buddy icon display gets in the way, yet you can’t turn it off without disabling away messages as well. Being able to easily delete email without the keyboard is great, but the user interface sounds you get are broken.

I’m missing IRC on the hiptop already, so I’ll get cognet ported next. Need to restore the latest sources from a backup, because the CVS server Dan and I were using is no longer functional.

One comment on “RPN calculator for hiptop OS 2.3”

  1. 5 December 2005 | 9:32 AM

    does 2.3 have real floats? (I seem to recall they were moving in that direction although I don’t know if it made it into 2.3.) If so, it’d probably be best to ditch the hipfloat library and use the built-in floating point instead.

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