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1001Screenshot updated for Tiger

My compiled version of GNU Emacs broke in Tiger with some inexplicable error message. After several hours of struggling with Emacs’s build process, I got CVS HEAD to compile, and all is well except for the font spacing.

In Tiger (after changing the font height to 120 from 110):

Emacs in Tiger

In Panther (the way I want it):

Emacs in Panther

On the other hand, I can now M-x customize without Emacs crashing. Hopefully the font spacing issues will be resolved at some point.

The first screenshot above is brought to you courtesy of 1001Screenshot 1.0.1, my Flickr screenshot poster. (If you missed the first announcement, you can read about it here.)

Apple broke their command-line screencapture utility in Tiger by making its default output be PNG instead of PDF. It still exits successfully even on error conditions. However, they did fix some bugs such as actually complaining via stderr when the file couldn’t be saved.

Aside from Tiger compatibility—which uses the PNG output directly, instead of converting from PDF, so it’s much faster—1001Screenshot 1.0.1 also brings better error reporting. Instead of just dumping errors to Console, it uses py2app’s error script support to gracefully report errors in a dialog box and even offer you a direct bug report email button.

Source for 1001Screenshot is now in Subversion; I had to slightly patch py2app to get error dialogs out of it, as you’ll see if you try to build from source, but a fix should be in the official distribution at some point.

And yes, the above wrangling means I didn’t even get a chance to start on ICeCoffEE 1.4.2 today. I’ll try to knock it out tomorrow night, but it might be another week. Sorry for the fans of discontiguous selection.

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