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ICeCoffEE 1.4 and Safari 1.3/Mac OS X 10.3.9 conflict

ICeCoffEE 1.4 has a conflict with Safari 1.3 as included in Mac OS X 10.3.9: you need to command-double-click instead of command-clicking on links to open them in new tabs/windows. From what I hear, this is an improvement over earlier versions of Safari 1.3 in which you got a dialog box—my apologies to the Safari team if they had to work around my use of an undocumented feature. ICeCoffEE’s intended behavior in Safari (command-clicking in selected text) no longer functions.

I’ll be releasing ICeCoffEE 1.4.1 later today on Monday to fix the command-double-clicking problem at least, but for the moment, you can either command-double-click or add Safari to the Exclude List for ICeCoffEE in the APE Manager System Preferences pane.

Sorry for the temporary inconvenience. I don’t have seed access any more, so I didn’t have a way of testing this with Safari 1.3 before it was released. If you observe any other incompatibilities, first make sure you’re using Application Enhancer 1.4.6 (download), then email me or post a comment. Thanks.

launch 1.0.1

launch 1.0.1 is out. Changes consist of some significant bug fixes, and a few small feature additions, most made yesterday.

  • prefer files to URLs when ambiguous; added -U option for old behavior
  • don’t display extraneous leading ‘./’ on file paths
  • display ‘zero items’, not ‘0 items’, for consistency
  • display versions of non-applications
  • read Info.plists embedded in unbundled Mach-O applications
  • non-ASCII arguments are now handled with the filesystem, rather
    than the system encoding (thanks, Derrick Bass)

  • explicitly use UTF-8 everywhere else to properly interpret and
    display non-ASCII filenames and URLs

  • reading OSTypes and ‘vers’ resources, and opening URLs with
    Internet Config still uses the system encoding, converting as
    necessary for display

  • should be buildable on 10.2 again

I’m going to try to spend at least a few hours each Sunday working on my free software projects; even a little bit of time will help.

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