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launch 1.0.1

launch 1.0.1 is out. Changes consist of some significant bug fixes, and a few small feature additions, most made yesterday.

  • prefer files to URLs when ambiguous; added -U option for old behavior
  • don’t display extraneous leading ‘./’ on file paths
  • display ‘zero items’, not ‘0 items’, for consistency
  • display versions of non-applications
  • read Info.plists embedded in unbundled Mach-O applications
  • non-ASCII arguments are now handled with the filesystem, rather
    than the system encoding (thanks, Derrick Bass)

  • explicitly use UTF-8 everywhere else to properly interpret and
    display non-ASCII filenames and URLs

  • reading OSTypes and ‘vers’ resources, and opening URLs with
    Internet Config still uses the system encoding, converting as
    necessary for display

  • should be buildable on 10.2 again

I’m going to try to spend at least a few hours each Sunday working on my free software projects; even a little bit of time will help.

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