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Missing Sync for hiptop finally ships

Good news: The Missing Sync for hiptop finally shipped today, after a development cycle too long to imagine. (Don’t blame Mark/Space; they’ve been nothing but amazingly responsive throughout the testing period.) It’s not perfect, but it works admirably well given T-Mobile’s idiotic sync limitations. And of course, not having to connect your Mac to a device to sync it is a great benefit.

Bad news: the sync interfaces changed significantly in Tiger, making third-party sync integration a lot easier, but the existing conduits don’t work. Mark/Space promises a free update by the end of June, which means I’m not going to upgrade my PowerBook to Tiger until then. Of course, if the sync software had shipped back when originally intended, it wouldn’t have been so close to Tiger’s release.

So, finally, I can show you this screenshot.

Missing Sync for hiptop

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