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Come to Reflections | Projections!

Hi, everyone! There are a bunch of reasons I had stopped blogging, but none sufficient to explain the multi-month outage. More posts will follow in the next few days, especially since my advisor and officemate Lee are off presenting at P=ac2 this week. But before I mention anything else…

If you’re in the Midwest and looking for something to do in a couple of weekends, I highly recommend coming to Urbana and checking out ACM@UIUC’s tenth annual Reflections | Projections computing conference, October 22–24. Reflections | Projections is a completely student-run conference as always, which helps keep the annoying stuff to a minimum. This is the first conference we’ve had in the five years I’ve been here that I’m truly proud of—a look at our confirmed speakers list should make it clear why. We’ve also got representatives of companies including Apple, NVIDIA, Microsoft and PayPal if you’re looking for a job, and a game AI programming competition which promises to be even better than last year’s amazing production.

Now I’ve exhausted my stock of superlatives, I can’t think of a better deal than the $20 registration fee—which includes food, thanks to our 17 generous sponsors. If you know me and want to stay at my place for the weekend, I’d be happy to put you up (first comer gets the spare bed!).

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