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It’s been much longer than a week since my last post, but I can reveal the good news: I’ve joined a new research group. It’s too early to make any predictions, but I’ve really enjoyed group meetings and collboration so far.

Last semester and this semester I’ve also been working for the University of Illinois College of Medicine, doing various Web, database and desktop software development jobs. Despite having to use Windows for some things, it’s one of the best work environments I’ve ever been in. A supportive environment makes it easy to work hard: you know you’ll be appreciated.

The aforementioned additional work commitments, increased dedication to Kuk Sool, a bit more of a social life and ACM involvement have meant I haven’t had much time for personal projects and blogging. I’m trying to get my schedule sorted out in the next few weeks, so I can at least make the F-Script Anywhere release I planned to make in January.

My schedule did not work out so I can attend PyCon (which looks amazing this year), and I won’t be going to MacHackADHOC this time either. But overall, I’m much happier now than I was this time last year.

On IRC a few minutes ago I spoke with Derk-Jan Hartman, primary Mac VideoLan Client (VLC) maintainer. He’s done some amazing work; VLC 0.7.0 has a usable GUI even for the gigantic mass of preferences. Unfortunately he doesn’t have time to continue, and it’d be a terrible waste if the project bitrotted. If anyone’s got Mac GUI or video knowledge and wants to contribute to a very heavily-used open-source project which already runs beautifully on the Mac, here’s your chance.

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