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Even colder, but looking up

Today was indeed marked by good news; I’m as excited about the future as I’ve been in years, and I just got back from a huge, tasty dinner at Peking Garden. Details next week, if everything goes well.

On the downside, it’s even colder here.

Another right-side-of-menu-bar screenshot

Iain asked what all the little icons were. From left to right:

  • WeatherPop
  • Timbuktu Pro
  • ZÖE
  • LaunchBar
  • Apple’s Script Menu (use with shell scripts as well as AppleScripts!)
  • Classic menu: enable with “Show Classic status in menu bar” in Classic Preferences under Panther
  • Displays menu
  • Input menu
  • Volume menu
  • Clock

I have traditionally spent all my March vacation with my parents in New Hampshire, but this year they’re going to the SOT meeting in Baltimore that week. Thanks to a message I received on Orkut I was reminded about PyCon, in Washington DC this year at about the same time. Given my increasing interest in Python in the last year, and that it’s relatively inexpensive, I think I might go.

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