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Even colder, but looking up

Today was indeed marked by good news; I’m as excited about the future as I’ve been in years, and I just got back from a huge, tasty dinner at Peking Garden. Details next week, if everything goes well.

On the downside, it’s even colder here.

Another right-side-of-menu-bar screenshot

Iain asked what all the little icons were. From left to right:

  • WeatherPop
  • Timbuktu Pro
  • ZÖE
  • LaunchBar
  • Apple’s Script Menu (use with shell scripts as well as AppleScripts!)
  • Classic menu: enable with “Show Classic status in menu bar” in Classic Preferences under Panther
  • Displays menu
  • Input menu
  • Volume menu
  • Clock

I have traditionally spent all my March vacation with my parents in New Hampshire, but this year they’re going to the SOT meeting in Baltimore that week. Thanks to a message I received on Orkut I was reminded about PyCon, in Washington DC this year at about the same time. Given my increasing interest in Python in the last year, and that it’s relatively inexpensive, I think I might go.

Negative zero

It’s cold here.

Not only is it zero, it's NEGATIVE zero!

Good news tomorrow, I hope.


All day I’ve been looking at dates on my Mac and thinking something is wrong. I guess fifteen years of “this is an invalid date!” has me trained.

Happy new year everyone. I’m up in New Hampshire with my parents, working and relaxing, and will be back in Illinois on Sunday. I’ll hopefully be blogging a bit more soon, though I still have a lot to sort out.