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Messing with templates

I’m going for a much more minimalist look with this weblog compared with my last one, hopefully CSS-only. So far there’s a lot of gray and blue. Some of the template changes aren’t taking effect so I’m posting this as a test, hopefully there’s something I forgot to rerender.

*sigh* This doesn’t seem to post properly…

Ahh, I see, if the template is broken, PyDS doesn’t say anything, it simply doesn’t render. Also, much like Radio, you start a render and just wait an indeterminate amount of time before you have any idea what happened. I wish it were possible to just say “rerender THIS page” because it’s the one I’m staring at as I’m going through 8000 design iterations. Or to have the /preview/ URLs simply do no cached rendering at all, would be much better. (That’s what Radio does.)

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