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This is a test of the new WYSIWYG Radio editor. This takes me back to Mozilla (not even Camino) for the first time in quite a while. Mozilla seems faster than last I used it, but the user interface is still clunky as ever, and some long-standing usability bugs, such as not being able to close an empty tab from the keyboard in certain cases, remain. It's Safari's great attention to detail, rather than any wealth of features, that continues to make it my preferred browser.

The editor itself lacks some important features, such as drag-selection by word, but it is fast, responsive, supports multiple undo (are you listening, Safari?) and is truly WYSIWYG, by default using CSS for styles.

nice, if cryptic

It's truly nice to see some new Radio features after a long drought. While Radio isn't the best tool in the world, it's a great value, even at the current rate of improvement, and I'm so used to it by now that I can't imagine switching.

Still enjoying the cable modem. :-) Last night, Steve brought over his OpenBSD firewall box, and within five minutes we had DHCP and NAT working on the wireless network, dumbing down my wireless router to a simple access point. VPN setup comes later. I was stunned that it worked the first time. The funniest part was when he plugged in the serial console, and it displayed "Login incorrect", then there was a huge pause before anything else displayed; as usual, it then looked like "login: login: login: login: login:".

Some feature requests for the WYSIWYG editor: I want <pre> and <tt> buttons on the toolbar, and the HTML source view to be displayed in a monospaced font. It'd also be nice if paragraph breaks weren't formed by <br><br>; shades of Netscape 4.

Tonight I help my mother set up her DSL in Seattle, and all of us will have broadband connections at home—much better for iChat AV.

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