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This week, I managed to fry both of the external ports on my FireWire PCI card, and the supposedly protected FireWire port on my PowerBook. Many months ago I dumped my old cheap FireWire enclosure, and now only use a WiebeTech AC-powered bridge, an iSight and iPod, and a high-quality Adaptec cable to connect my two machines for FireWire over IP. Since I haven't plugged anything except the Adaptec cable into my PowerBook for several weeks, I think my use of FireWire over IP is responsible, possibly when combined with the static electricity that is rampant at the lab. So I'm going to buy an Ethernet card to use instead, and send back my PowerBook for warranty repairs when I get a chance.

Just ordered a replacement FireWire card; hopefully it will last me until it's time to replace my desktop machine (most likely next summer).

None of this is particularly helping with my research, which is proceeding at an astonishingly slow pace since I got back from Norway. I haven't had any time to spend on my Cocoa projects in weeks. Nor have I finished writing my journal or organizing photos. But if I lose a hard drive and have no current backup, it will be even worse, so I'm pouring money and time into making my computers work again.

On the bright side, my apartment is in great shape, Steve is about 80% moved in, I went to Kuk Sool on Monday, our cable modem install is scheduled for next Monday, and I finally have made some progress on getting my car registration and insurance moved out to Illinois.

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