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Looks like the prerelease Xcode is rather crash-prone and flaky. The ideas are still great, though, and I'm confident they'll have everything sorted out by the time it ships.

Tonight, after a goodbye dinner for some married graduate student friends who are heading back to Seattle after their respective degree completions, I cleaned up and sorted out photos and screenshots from MacHack. Most of the interesting images are from our trips to and from the conference, the product of several hours of boredom and cars full of gadgets. The gallery is now available for your viewing pleasure.

Fellow attendee-from-Illinois John Marriott has some comments on his first MacHack and the WWDC keynote.

Some people have pointed out I neglected to even mention this year's hack. Avi Drissman and I wrote EdgeWarp, an extension to osx2x which makes it into osx2osx and adds drag and drop between attached screen edges. We suffered from severe schedule constraints due to Avi's planning meetings—he's conference chair for next year's MacHack^H^H^H^H^H^H^HADHOC—so we didn't get as far on the hack as we wanted. It's got a way to go to be usable, so I hope someone picks up the code and makes it work better.

I just nuked some text above and had to retype it, because the final release version of Safari doesn't support even single undo in Web page edit fields. Yes, I should be using NetNewsWire to post this, but why why why why why, when you have Cocoa's fabulous NSTextView at your disposal, did the Safari folks do this?

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