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The WWDC keynote was about what I expected, with the exception of the developer tool enhancements. Panther (Exposé! Faster threaded Mail! Better Finder and open and save dialog boxes!), Panther Server (Kerberos! Cyrus! Postfix!), and Xcode (everything!) look great. The G5 case design seems to be a step backwards in many ways—not that I'm in the market to buy one any time soon. iChat AV has half-hearted and confusing buddy group support, which I hope improves before release. We'll likely be buying a few iSight cameras before long, given my family's current geographic distribution (father in Boston, mother in Seattle, and me here in Illinois).

TN2087 has some interesting information in it, including a reference to Smeagol (the 970-compatible 10.2.x release) and a “Blah!” title that was somewhat amusing.

Lots of photos, screenshots, and discussions from MacHack are waiting to be uploaded. I'm leaving for Boston on Wednesday, not to return until mid-July, and want to make some progress on my research while I'm still here, so weblog updates may come sporadically.

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