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I'm completely addicted to the Safari bookmark sync. Camino/Firebird could one-up Safari by implementing roaming profiles (not just bookmarks, but history and preferences) which work, using WebDAV.

The only issue I've noted in synchronized bookmarks is those which refer to the “Radio” Web server. On byron, the Radio bookmarks point to, etc.; everywhere else, they reference This would not ordinarily be an annoyance, but for two related problems.

First, Radio's gone into a funk where it won't accept posted forms from any IP address but localhost. This happened once before, then it mysteriously went away. I need to figure out what's going on.

Second, Safari doesn't authenticate reliably to Radio. For some HTTP connections (usually graphics), I have to reenter my password. I don't notice this problem with Konqueror, so it's likely Safari rather than KHTML and friends at fault.

Despite the great temptation of always-synchronized bookmarks, I'm still using Camino on my PowerBook. I can't wait for third-party interfaces to iSync to become available, so I can get the benefits of seamless synchronization without needing to use Apple's iApps.

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