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I've written a sync script for my iPod. When run, it:

  • exports Palm Desktop addresses to the iPod's Contacts folder*
  • exports Palm Desktop events to the iPod's Calendars folder*
  • copies Palm Desktop memos to the iPod's Notes folder, one folder per category
  • creates an iCalendar file containing the Palm Desktop to dos in the iPod's Calendars folder
  • synchronizes music from designated folders to same-named playlists on the iPod (I use this for copying recorded streams and radio to my iPod).

If anyone's interested, the script is available as a compiled script (source included), or view the source in a HTML rendering.

* Exports don't work properly yet because I can't get UI Scripting to properly call Palm Desktop. I've posted to applescript-users and hopefully can find a workaround.

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