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These days it doesn't take much to get me laughing.

00:05  ilister> so I guess still nobody wants to provide appropriate hardware 
                to help test my antenna?
00:07  bradyt> i might want to, but am actually unable
00:11  Rugle> <Rugle's Dad>  I cna't understand why people eat rice. It can't 
              be good for you. We live next to a continuent where everyone 
              easts rice. They then hop in boats and come to Oz. Many die along 
              the way.
00:11 @sabi> hahaha.
00:12 @Iain> huh?
00:14 @Iain> so what's wrong with rice?
00:14  Rugle> just random conversation :)
00:18 @Iain> oh
00:19  nandi> oook
00:20 @sabi> Oook!
00:22  Rugle> nonono
00:22  Rugle> you want ook++
00:22  Rugle> ook's -nothing- without objects..
00:23 @sabi> Hehe.
00:23 @sabi> I didn't know there was an OO Ook.
00:24 @sabi> Oh, there isn't. :P
00:24 @Iain> ook!
00:24  ilister> bah, you don't need the syntactic sugar in ook++ just to do OO
00:24 @sabi> rofl.
00:24 * nandi bangs her head on the desk
00:25  nandi> Iain: and you think *i'm* a geek
00:25  ilister> we're all geeks
00:25  ilister> that's why we're here

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