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This week

Yet another busy week with no time for blogging, hooray.

Trying Safari on my desktop Mac for the week, as a replacement for Camino. So far, so good. Safari seems to crash about as much as Camino—once every few days, generally the fault of buggy plugins or Java. I like Safari's speed and attention to detail in the bookmarks and history, love the form auto-fill and simple download manager, but dislike the tab handling in comparison with Camino.

Did a bunch of sysadmin work this week. Messed with Kerberos getting reinstalled—this stuff is still black magic after all these years, unfortunately. A bunch of the ACM servers and networking equiment are now in a rack in L510 DCL, which is a great improvement over their former location: cheap plastic shelving. Propagated the look and feel to the wiki (fixing some CSS errors that caused problems in Safari, though I didn't work around all the bugs I could have) and the Webmail interface (for which I still need to generate a valid SSL certificate, sigh). Finally got authenticated SMTP working with Postfix and SASL2 on calamity and arnold. I've now got four different sets of passwords, but for three users, I don't think it's worth the hassle to set up LDAP with replication.

This weekend I've mainly been doing research, but spent many hours cleaning my condo and doing five (count 'em) loads of laundry, left over from my extended illness last month. Stuff looks much better. A friend came over today to look at my place for potential cohabitation this fall; some company in my place would be great.

Finally, I spoke with my advisor on Wednesday, and we've figured out a simpler way to go forward with my research. So far, so good. Right now, I'm off to an Easter party.

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