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Noticed tonight that Dave Bort (Danger employee) has an RSS feed for his very funny “drarings“. I really wish some of my other favorite web comics would do that, especially those which are rather less frequently updated as of late.

By the way, I got back to Champaign late Saturday afternoon. Almost missed my connection in Chicago. Freak ten-minute snowstorm in Champaign reduced visibility to zero, so the plane had to fly around a bit before landing. Had not one or two, but three, welcome packages from Airborne Express on my doorstep (I only registered one account, and didn't even ship anything from it!).

Haven't stopped working since I got back, with the exception of a Warcraft III break tonight. Research is going really well, but I still need to focus more. Played my cello today, for the first time in over a month! Need to do more of that. Worked a bit on Pester on the plane; adding system-wide hot key support.

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