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The Rileys wiki is up and running, though mainly content-free for the moment. Its appearance is pretty much the way I want it, and the functionality will continue to improve. I showed it to my father after dinner tonight and he took to it immediately—not that that guarantees he'll contribute in future, but it's a good sign.

The wiki is about 2500 lines of Python with Medusa as its HTTP server. In order to provide a sane URL, it runs behind Apache using mod_proxy_http. I had some problems initially because of a bug in Apache httpd-2.1-dev, which causes ProxyPass to not work properly if the proxied server supports connection keep-alive. There's no problem with 1.3.x, the version which every other sane person uses. :-)

(Just discovered is a Mac—since I saw an error message from port 16080, Apple's traditional WebPerformanceCache port. Of course I could have checked the HTTP headers, but that’s too easy. Neat!)

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