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I've got loads of stuff to talk about, and really want to do a long weblog entry, but can't find the time. So, here's a brief summary of recent events.

Flew into Boston on Thursday; spent the rest of the day sleeping and recuperating. Booked my flight to Norway for July; myself and about 10 friends are going to visit a former UI graduate student and officemate of mine, on an approximately two-week tour of the country (I can't wait). Slept in on Friday, did a couple hours of work, then drove up to New Hampshire.

Spent yesterday morning and this morning skiing with my parents. My mom is finally making progress with her skiing: it's been 10 years, but very much worth the wait. My father's learning telemark and is getting to the point where he can do tele turns on reasonably steep slopes. He went to Alta while at a conference a few weeks ago: I'm quite jealous.

Went to the gym Saturday night; swam for the first time in years. I had to stop after three lengths: ouch. Hard to believe I used to swim a mile on a regular basis. On the bright side, I weighed myself and found out I lost 15 pounds so far this year, almost reversing last year's 20-pound gain.

This afternoon we bought a stained glass window in Rumney and checked in on our partially-finished barn in Henniker. The driveway is still covered with snow.

Back in Cambridge now, doing some research work. Wondering whether to go to see Dave Winer on Thursday night. More tomorrow if time permits.

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