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Dave Hyatt writes about specialization. I've always had a hard time with this, as the subtitle of this blog should indicate at least. In fact I think I've reached a breaking point—I'm finding it next to impossible to find time to work enough on that which isn't optional. And there are things I used to do but don't do enough any more (cooking, music) which I really enjoy.

Over the next week I'll be reevaluating my priorities and dumping a lot of stuff. This will almost certainly involve scaling back my free time programming efforts, IRCing, mailing list and Usenet subscriptions, involvement in projects like Metakit and Subversion, and perhaps some of my blogging and Web work. Doing less independent software work will be easier now: my research is really starting to keep me awake at night with my mind full of possibilities—exactly what I need to be incredibly productive at it.

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