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DS Password Tools are “a pair of command line tools for changing passwords on Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server that make use of the Directory Services API. Unlike the included passwd program, these tools are compatible with Jaguar Password Server.”

ICeCoffEE 1.3.2 was released Thursday night. I'm now trying to figure out what on earth to do after weeks of essentially being able to do no work, and am meeting with my advisor on Monday.

Vonage has replaced their voicemail system. The previous system was horribly unreliable, and didn't let non-Windows users listen to voice mail messages online, so the replacement was obviously needed. Unfortunately, the email messages informing you that “you have voicemail” are no longer remotely informative, and worse yet, SpamAssassin now thinks they're spam.

So, we've gone from:

Subject: [Rileys] You have a new voice mail message from 1631725xxxx


Subject: *****SPAM***** [Rileys] Voicemail Message Waiting

Uh, good going, folks. I notice Vonage is advertising on VersionTracker with something about “the !@%#$ phone company”. Don't turn into another !@%#$ phone company then, OK?

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