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Steve Gehrman, author of the great Mac OS X Finder replacement Path Finder, has a weblog. Steve has from the beginning been incredibly receptive to my comments, honest and generous. Path Finder is no small feat for a single developer, and it's obvious he pours his heart and soul into the application.

After my stability problems with Radio earlier this week, it's stopped crashing! Go figure. I like problems which solve themselves. :-)

Illness update: I thought I'd be better by yesterday, but I spent all last night, 7 hours or more, in bed and coughing continuously, despite medicine ostensibly indicated to stop it. Somehow I finally got to sleep, but I'm now incredibly hoarse and my sleep schedule is almost completely inverted—I woke up at 5 PM. My brain still seems a bit fried but I am able to concentrate enough to begin catching up with everything I've missed.

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