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ZOË 0.4 was released today, both producing and consuming RSS. View RSS feeds in your email client via ZOË's built in POP server; view ZOË-stored email messages in NetNewsWire. Even edit messages in ZOË’s store with NetNewsWire’s weblog editor. Scary, but cool.

I haven't actually got it set up myself yet, but here's an image Raphaël sent me of this weblog in ZOË:

and bridged to a message in

As the Borg theme implies, “Resistance is futile”.

Thanks to MacFixIt, I resurrected the internal FireWire ports on my desktop Power Mac G4, which I had given up for dead after a failed tape drive installation attempt back in May. I had tried using the motherboard reset switch before, but apparently it’s key that you hold it down for a few seconds. (I did so several times, just for good measure.)

My med school midterms are in a week, and I have a lot of research work to get done, so Pester 1.1 is having to take a back seat for a while. I may release another beta without fixing all the bugs yet, since I've added several new features. The Read Me file was getting very long, so I’ve built in a “contents” window; thanks to a NSSplitView bug it ended up taking far longer than I expected.

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