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Joe Zobkiw has another book coming out, this one on OS X plugins: services, status items, color pickers, screen savers and more. If it's anwhere near as good as his previous book, it will be one to buy.

I had a productive weekend: made more progress on a proposal for combining the last two stages of my thesis work, spent some time working on adapting Omni's OACalendarView for Pester 1.1, and went to a party last night. This morning I woke up feeling terrible, disoriented and feverish. I've spent most of the day lying in bed shivering, trying to read papers since my mind wasn't good for much else, and unfortunately missed a special meeting with my advisor. Just got dragged out to dinner, and I'm feeling a bit better now, hopefully well enough to go to Kuk Sool tonight.

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