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appswitch 1.0b1 released, with new features including “hide others”, “show all”, application kill, and a ps-like application list which should look familiar to MacsBug users:

% appswitch -l
       PSN   PID TYPE CREA NAME                 PATH
  131073.0   359 APPL lgnw loginwindow          /System/Library/CoreSe
  393217.0   404 APPL T$2c Timbuktu Extension   /Users/nicholas/Applic
  524289.0   408 APPL dock Dock                 /System/Library/CoreSe
  655361.0   409 APPL syui SystemUIServer       /System/Library/CoreSe

Also included are a man page (my first; a launch man page will be forthcoming), readme, and of course the source code.

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