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XMeeting: “The goal of the project is to develop a set of Internet video conferencing and telephony applications in native Mac OS X GUI (as in Cocoa or Carbon, not X11). Currently, H.323 is the only supported protocol, support of SIP may be added in a later date.” Now with native CoreAudio support. OS X really suffers from a lack of good, inexpensive or free native (non-X11) conferencing applications: this is a start.

The OS X 10.2.4 Finder seems to be faster at showing the Inspector (command-option-I)—faster enough that I might actually use it. The Info window (command-I) is still as slow as it's ever been in the 10.2.x Finder, sadly…

David Brown: MailEdit is a Radio tool that extends the Mail-to-Weblog feature with images, links, categories, post links and titles, and even editing of previously posted posts. David uses it with his Hiptop; yet another tool I need to check out after my exam on Friday.

For all you hiptop IRC users who aren’t so blessed as to have a native client, Brian Gottlieb has written an another AIM to IRC gateway I wasn’t aware of, with multiple channel support. Too much software to try, too little time.

ZOË 0.4 was released today, both producing and consuming RSS. View RSS feeds in your email client via ZOË's built in POP server; view ZOË-stored email messages in NetNewsWire. Even edit messages in ZOË’s store with NetNewsWire’s weblog editor. Scary, but cool.

I haven't actually got it set up myself yet, but here's an image Raphaël sent me of this weblog in ZOË:

and bridged to a message in

As the Borg theme implies, “Resistance is futile”.

Thanks to MacFixIt, I resurrected the internal FireWire ports on my desktop Power Mac G4, which I had given up for dead after a failed tape drive installation attempt back in May. I had tried using the motherboard reset switch before, but apparently it’s key that you hold it down for a few seconds. (I did so several times, just for good measure.)

My med school midterms are in a week, and I have a lot of research work to get done, so Pester 1.1 is having to take a back seat for a while. I may release another beta without fixing all the bugs yet, since I've added several new features. The Read Me file was getting very long, so I’ve built in a “contents” window; thanks to a NSSplitView bug it ended up taking far longer than I expected.

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