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Today marks not only the first anniversary of Radio 8's release, but the first anniversary of this Weblog. In an ideal world I'd have something profound to write here, or at least a site redesign. Sorry about that. It's been fun, and I hope to make the following year even more productive.

Les Orchard has some DSBRTuner timed recording scripts, saving me the trouble of writing them—or modifying Pester, which was my first thought. I've discovered that DSBRTuner uses CPU when playthrough is enabled yet the tuner is powered off, so I'll fix that bug today and (since I've seen some interest) post the modified sources.

Safari continues to impress, though without reasonable stand-ins for tabbed browsing and automatic form filling it's not going to replace Chimera as my everyday browser. Today's “wow!” features are the feedback you get in the Downloads window as Safari downloads and Disk Copy subsequently extracts a UDIF image (.dmg) file, and the beautifully worded HTTP authentication sheet.

As I've commented before, it's been a few years since I've been amazed by Apple's software design. It's wonderful to see a return to quietly excellent software, or as Claris's ad slogan went, “simply powerful”. Now the Safari team needs to convince the developers of the rest of OS X (*cough*Finder*cough*) to take as much care.

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