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A few tips for dealing with broken Installer VISE installers, which
I discovered this weekend while upgrading my PowerBook to Jaguar:

Does the installer require you to authenticate? Delete the contents
of /var/root/.Trash to reclaim space on your hard drive after
the installer has finished. Installer VISE correctly moves files to
the Trash instead of deleting them outright, but unfortunately it's
root's Trash. My PowerBook had 85 MB of files in
there, primarily old copies of Office X components.

Does the installer quit all open applications for you? The FaxSTF
10.0.8 and Office X 10.1.2 updaters want to, but there's no point
doing so under OS X, as you can relaunch applications as the installer
is working and create the same problems that this action is designed
to work around. Instead of clicking Install, open Script Editor and
type this script:

tell application "Office X 10.1.2 Update" to DoAutoInstall

Replace “Office X 10.1.2 Update” with the name of the broken
installer. Then click Run, and the installer will execute without
quitting any applications. Make sure you quit the applications you're
upgrading, however. [This tip courtesy Rosyna].

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