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I was all ready to get a Hiptop this week. Now Sprint has flat-rate wireless data and its price is down to $249 from $500, only $50 more than the Hiptop (essentially a wash given the activation fee), the Treo 300 is rather enticing: it will mean one fewer device I will have to carry around with me. I realize data integration on the Treo will be worse, but if it'll do always-on AIM or email messaging, I will be happy.

Here's a comparison of the two devices (keep in mind I've used the Hiptop but not the Treo at this point). If any of you folks have used both, please let me know if there's anything important I've missed.

Feature Treo 300 T-Mobile Sidekick
Coverage OK poor
Price/month $30/$40 $40
Daytime minutes 300 200
Night minutes unlimited n/a
Weekend minutes unlimited 1000
Additional minutes 40¢ 35¢
Data unlimited unlimited
Phone cost $250 $200
Activation $35 $35
Sync support Yes No
Camera No Yes
Palm OS compatible Yes No

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