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Updates to two of my favorite Mac applications were released today. Path Finder 2.0 is a Finder replacement by Steve Gehrman, and Drop Drawers 1.6 is a tabbed launcher by Gideon Greenspan.

Path Finder is a major revision of SNAX, the product of six months of very hard work. It significantly improves dislpay speed, adds a ton of new features including approximate parity with the Jaguar Finder, and most importantly has a nice new icon (those of you beta testers who saw the “original” Path Finder icon will know what I'm talking about :-)).

Drop Drawers isn't quite as indispensible for me as it was before I started using LaunchBar. I hardly ever use Drop Drawers to launch applications directly any more, but for dragging and dropping, starting scripts, quick access to all running applications including background processes, or as a space to store temporary clippings, it's terrific. Version 1.6 finally appears to fix an annoying bug where Drop Drawers would go deaf to keyboard shortcuts, improves drawer opening speed (not that the old version was particularly slow), and adds drawer transparency. Drop Drawers has a huge amount of flexibility lurking under an elegant, drawing program-like interface.

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