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Marc Barrot: Transclusion Breakthrough: The Endless Web Page, coming in activeRenderer 1.2. “Clicking the [up-arrow] icon, or the link's text, will cause the linked outline to be inserted directly in the current page, as a child of the node that carried the link.” Nice, the outline equivalent of Kuro5hin's dynamic comments I wrote about a few months ago. The post is also the first public mention I've seen of Internet Explorer 6 for Macintosh, a product whose prior existence was only a rumor.

Speaking of rendering, the Hiptop doesn't display this site well at all: the calendar appears as a list instead of a table, and no posts is visible, just the days. I think it's misinterpreting the CSS provided by my heavily modified activeRenderer. Some information on how the Hiptop proxy mangles Web pages would be great. And eventually I need to update to the latest activeRenderer, so stuff can start to work again…

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