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I just lost another long entry to a Chimera crash (like most recent Chimera crashes I've had, it was caused by the Flash plugin trying to load to display ads on an O'Reilly site). Note to self: compose weblog entries in BBEdit, then paste into browser.

Here's a summary: Wrote Pester, a bare-bones xalarm clone, tonight, because I couldn't find anything better for free and didn't want to have an X server running all the time. NSCalendarDate, NSDate and NSDateFormatter are evil, broken, and atrociously documented: their authors should be ashamed. Localized date formats are a joke in Cocoa: they don't work at all properly. Since the Cocoa framework fixes needed are unlikely to come before Mac OS X 10.3, I'll have to use Carbon (assuming it works as well as it always did) to work around the problems if I want to support anything other than US date formats.

Pester 1.0d1 is available, with source, here. Requires Mac OS X 10.1 or later (tested on 10.1.5 and 10.2.1).

Some obligatory screenshots:

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