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Nicholas RileySpring EA 2 is out, including Jaguar compatibility. Most of the weird glitches I found in EA 1 are fixed, and there's a bunch more sample objects and actions to play with, which should give you an idea of Spring's incredible potential. I can definitely imagine using it to intelligently organize my contacts and projects as I go through a day. It'd be useful to be able to drag files/folders onto a Spring canvas and link them along with people, places and things (even if there were no external .obj representation of a file, although I can think of some great uses there too). In Jaguar, it wouldn't be hard to add vCard support so you could drag people out of or into Address Book, too.

If everything works, you should be able to drag the picture of me at right into a Spring canvas and have a functional object. We had discussed several possible methods of adding Spring objects from browsers, but the drag-and-drop method was the Holy Grail and I'm really happy that the Spring folks were able to get it to work with existing Web browsers as nicely as it does. If you get tired of staring at my face, there are a few more drag-and-droppable people at the Spring ObjectGarden.

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