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The stability of my desktop Mac has increased significantly since upgrading to Jaguar. It's been up for almost 7 days as I write this, which would have been a veritable record in 10.1.x. While not a crasher, there's one odd problem that's occurred twice so far. It happens like this:

  • coreservicesd dies. From the crash logs, the invariant part of the stack is LSPlugin_server / _XRegister / _LS_server_Register / _LSReceiveRegistration / _LSReceiveBundleRegistration. This makes sense that the crash is coming from LaunchServices, as at least this time, it crashed while I was copying an application.
  • OS X does not restart coreservicesd, so weird stuff starts happening, such as icons disappearing.
  • I attempt to manually restart coreservicesd (bad idea?)
  • At some point a few minutes later, almost every open application quits unexpectedly.
  • Dragging stops working, even intra-application. Cocoa apps print “CoreDragCreate error: -900”, Carbon apps just don't work at all. pbs is working fine as inter-application copy and paste are unaffected.
  • Neither logging out and back in, killing and restarting coreservicesd and lsregister, or anything else I can discover short of restarting fixes the problem.

Has anyone else seen this? I wish I could replicate it so I could file a bug report.

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