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First progress exams for med school are Monday, so I'm planning on disappearing into a hole this weekend. Before I go…

Inluminent and have been discussing Zoe and appear to be having similar reactions to mine. I gave Nat an introduction to Zoe last week and he was suitably impressed. Seriously, if you ever ask yourself “how do I find that email I got six months ago about subject X?”, feed your mail into Zoe.

I still haven't had a chance to fix the serialization problem I got upgrading to Zoe 0.2.6; a kind soul sent me the 0.2.4 version I accidentally deleted, and it continues to work fine. Raphaël hasn't been able to reproduce the error I and another person were getting, but suggested a couple of things I can do to work around it.

Today I spent some time on my lunch break looking at the material from lots of useful setup info from medium to large sites which have implemented lab management and incorporated OS X machines into heterogeneous networks (AFS, NFS, NIS, LDAP, Kerberos). The info is good, but I wish they wouldn't use Web Crossing for their forums—its interface is so cumbersome and outmoded. Although, if they turned on the Web Crossing NNTP gateway it would help!

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