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For some reason I missed the SliMP3 when it came out about a year ago. The server software and firmware has improved significantly since then.

I saw the OS X 3.0 software update on VersionTracker today and downloaded it to take a look. Setup couldn't have been easier: it imported my iTunes 3 songs automatically, and presented me with a fast Web-based interface which bears a strong resemblance to the iPod's interface (not a bad thing at all). First-class OS X support: what a concept!

There are a bunch of reviews linked from the site, of varying quality. I found this LiveJournal entry to be the most informative. I don't spend anywhere near enough time at home to justify getting a SliMP3, but it looks like an extremely well-designed product. What I really want is an iPod-like device which also lets you stream to it via 802.11b.

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