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Watson's new and Google tools are both Web service-based, and extremely responsive compared with the other tools, most of which use screen-scraping. I can't wait for new stuff to come out of this.

Personal Web server-based information management tools like Radio UserLand and ZOË need to start exposing Web service interfaces. You'd the “light” Web-only interface from any browser, and the full experience with a dedicated client. This is a well-trodden path, but most applications have traced it in the other direction: taking a desktop UI and making a “remote access” Web version. Often, the Web version ends up being clunky and slow. Applications which started on the Web are already optimized to be transactional, and cutting out the HTML and formatting overhead, letting the client do some caching, can only make them faster.

For example, I'd love to use Brent Simmons' NetNewsWire Lite for its efficient interface. But I read news on at least two computers, and don't want to read the same news twice. This is a great fit with Radio UserLand's (or AmphetaDesk's) remote Web access. NetNewsWire doesn't sync with Radio, or provide any synchronization of its own. And ZOË would be best integrated with my mail client (well, Mutt might be a bit of a stretch…).

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