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A few amusing things from MacFixIt this morning…

As on Friday, the top story is subscription-only. The teaser for this story continues to show a poor command of English vocabulary:

Our Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) Special Report, which consists of extensive troubleshooting insight and commentary from Macintosh industry figureheads including Microsoft and Tenon Intersystems, is available for Pro subscribers here.

Figurehead \Fig"ure*head`\, n.
   2. A person who allows his name to be used to give standing
      to enterprises in which he has no responsible interest or
      duties; a nominal, but not real, head or chief.

Then there's the person who is upset that Apple deleted his time zone in Jaguar:

Our Time zone has been removed. This wouldn't be a problem because we can piggy back off another time zone. Unfortunately this time zone observes daylight savings and we dont. A checkbox for ignoring daylight savings would be great.

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