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F-Script Anywhere 1.1.4 released, including Jaguar compatibility and a few cosmetic changes.

An ICeCoffEE release will be my next priority; it's been a long time and I've got a lot of unreleased code that is in good shape. I'm glad to see that my patching code degrades cleanly on Jaguar and doesn't hamper the rewritten Terminal's function. It should be easy to put back the Services menu in Terminal. From a few minutes with class-dump yesterday, the buffer storage format of the new Terminal doesn't look any better than the old, so I'm not sure how hard it will be to implement URL launching inside Terminal 1.3. I never publicly released the old one because it crashed so much, but I”m missing being able to Command-click URLs in IRC sessions.

Medical school classes start Tuesday; I'm really looking forward to them, although they'll be a challenge to balance with my research. This semester I'm taking medical genetics and histology. The latter is taught primarily on computers; my parents were of two minds when I mentioned this to them. “What do you mean, you don't use microscopes?” “Well, I guess they gave us some pretty lousy microscopes to use…”

In the aftermath of .mac, I've registered at PairNIC for my parents to use for email. It'll be a few weeks before PairNIC is upgraded to a version which provides DNS service. For mail service, I have all the infrastructure in place already, aside from configuring Postfix for the new domain. We bought a UPS to use on the mailserver as they've been having a lot of power outages recently.

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