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This week has been great—it is terrific to spend time with my parents. We've made a considerable dent in the pile of Western red cedar siding, but there's still about 100 boards left. Framing is proceeding in the second-floor apartment; the person building it for us is doing a terrific, careful job. We've taken lots of photos, but still need to sort through them…

I've been using Jaguar full-time for a few weeks now, booting off an external FireWire drive on my TiBook. Overall, it's great: not perfect, but much improved. The new Finder is really nicely done, more pervasively multithreaded than the 8.5 Finder was. Classic screen redraws are much faster, and new APIs look to be sensibly designed. Sunday, after I get back to Illinois, I'll reformat my desktop G4 and install Jaguar on it.

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